New Whimsical Kitty & Bunny Necklaces

I just posted these bunny & kitty necklaces to my Etsy shop. They’re so adorable!! It’ll be hard to part ways with them. Check them out and maybe you’ll want to “adopt” them! They’re available at Pink Caffeination shop on Etsy.







“Bee” Mine Kids Theme Valentine’s Day Mini Cards

After I posted about my Valentine’s Mini Cards DIY Printable yesterday, I played with the template some more and came up with a kids friendly “Bee Mine” theme DIY printable. I thought the bright yellow / orange / brown color scheme is a nice departure from all the pink / red. The messages are perfectly suited for kids’ Valentine’s Day gift exchanges! Just print, trim and stick the mini card into the matching envelope. Attach a chocolate bar or a candy treat of your choice and you’ll be all set.


9 mini cards printable; 9 different messages
1 yellow envelope printable
5 round stickers with heart design in matching colors

This “Bee” Mine kids theme Valentine’s Mini Cards DIY Printable is available for $5 at my PinkCaffeination Etsy shop.

New Valentine’s Day Mini Love Notes DIY Printable

Just posted these Valentine’s Day Mini Cards DIY Printable on my Etsy shop.

Add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day gifts with these love notes & envelopes printable set. This set is priced at $5.


9 mini cards printable; 9 different designs
1 pink envelope printable
1 red envelope printable
1 purple envelope printable
5 round stickers with heart design

Get them from my shop.

Just in time for the holidays – Magical Harry Potter Spells Print

The sale for my “Magical Harry Potter Spells” print has picked up after Thanksgiving. I’ve been shipping a few of these prints this week. And of course, the release of the latest Harry Potter movie has much to do with the increase in sales of all things Harry Potter related. If you’re looking for a unique gift for that Harry Potter fan on your shopping list, this magical Harry Potter print just may do the trick.

It’s now available in these new color schemes:

Teal, Gray, Black
Teal, Orange, Brown
Navy, Maroon, Beige
Red, Yellow, Black

Sending off My Prints

A few days ago, after I made my first Etsy sale, I was so excited that I started working on a new print – this time, inspired by the popular Twilight series. The idea is that you take the most popular quotes from the Twilight series and juxtapose the words that appear the most together. The words that get used the most will appear the largest; while the least used words will appear smallest on the print. I called this print, “In the Words of Twilight“.

The result was pretty interesting. Not surprisingly, “Edward” appears to be the largest word on the screen, followed by “like”, “vampire” and “afraid”. Other noticeable words are “irrevocably”, “unconditionally”, “Bella”, “blood”, “love”, “stay”, “absolutely”, and “thirsted”, just to name a few. While these words certainly don’t tell you the whole story of Twilight, I was pleasantly surprised by how well these words together captured the mood and spirit of Twilight.

A day after I posted this new listing, I woke up to find that someone had purchased this print. So here’s this lovely print, getting carefully packaged and right before being sent across the Atlantic ocean.

My First Etsy Sale

I made my first Etsy sale! Yay!!

I had set up my shop a couple of weeks ago, but save for linking the shop from this blog, I haven’t done anything to promote the shop. I kind of wanted to wait until I have added more items to start promoting it. (Currently, I only have a handful of items listed.) Based on what I heard about getting noticed on Etsy, I did not expect to make a sale until some serious effort has been put toward promoting my Etsy shop. Well, imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning to find that I had sold one print! It’s my Magical Harry Potter Spells print. I was so happy that I did a small happy dance. 🙂

So thank you, my first Etsy customer! You’ve given me a reason to continue my experiment.

Here’s the print getting the double cardboard and poly mailer treatment before it gets mailed to the new owner:

Now that I know I can make a sale on Etsy, I’m going to devote more effort in building up my listings and promoting my shop. I’ll probably write more about ways to promote Etsy shops in the next few posts as I do more research online. Stay tuned!